Henry S. Saunders

Henry Scholey Saunders (1864-1951), born in London, Ont., was educated at the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, 1883-1885 and employed in the pharmaceutical field. He joined the Toronto Conservatory of Music, 1901, to teach cello and play in the Conservatory String Quartet. In 1908, he joined the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and remained there for twenty-one years.

Saunders was also an authority on Walt Whitman and had many publications to his credit. He was maried to Georgina Helen Taylor, a lady of marked literary ability, a musician of note and admirer of Walt Whitman. They had two children, Ruth Mercer and Henry Ernest.



Privately printed books, published in small editions by Henry S. Sauders:

  • A Whitman Controversy. Being letters published in Mercure de France, 1913-1914. With introduction by Henry S. Saunders. 1921. Edition of 35 copies.
  • Walt Whitman, by Stuart Merrill, 1922, Portraits of Whitman and Merrill, 115 copies, cloth, numbered and signed by the publisher. ($2.00)
  • For Walt Whitman, by Mildred and Clement Wood, 1923, Whitman portrait, 100 copies, cloth, numbered and signed by the publisher.
  • Dr. Richard Maurice Bucke - A Sketch, by Dr. J.H. Coyne, 1923, portraits and bibliography, 150 copies, cloth, numbered and signed by the publisher. ($2.50)
  • The Higher Consciousness, an introduction to Bucke's Cosmic Consciesness, by Henry S. Saunders, 100 copies in wrappers at 50 cents, 50 copies with portrait of Dr. Bucke, cloth, numbeed and signed by the auther, 1924. ($1.50)
  • Whitman Portraits, by Henry S. Saunders, over 240 pictures with data, in hand-made volume. ($65.00)
  • Illustrations to Leaves of Grass, gathered by Henry S. Saunders, over 300 pictures, with quotations, in hand-made volume, 10 copies only. ($65.00)
  • Portait Gallery of Whitman Writers, with quotations. 230 portraits. Hand-made volume; quotations written in. Edition limited to 10 copies, 1927. ($50.00, miniature specicmen pages on request)
  • The Good Gray Poet, by W.D. O'Conner with introduction by the late Mrd. O'Conner. Portrait and facsimile, cloth, 1927. 125 numbered copies. ($2.00)
  • Whitman portraits, with notes, by Henry Scholey Saunders. 1934.
  • 100 Whitman photographs, by Henry Scholey Saunders and William R. DuBois. 1940.
  • Whitman in fiction: a list, by Henry Scholey Saunders. 1947.
  • Whitman music list, by Henry Scholey Saunders and Bella Clara Landauer. 1950.
  • Thus spake the Mahatma: a humble dedication to his memory by Gandhi, M. K. Krishnan and Henry Scholey Saunders. 1951.

Published by others:

  • Friendship and other poems, by B. H. Nadal and Henry S. Saunders. New York, R.J. Shores, 1916.
  • Parodies on Walt Whitman, by Henry S. Saunders (Ed.). Preface by Christopher Morley. New York, American Library Service, 1923. 171p.

The Good Gray Poet

Advertisement for The Good Gray Poet, included with an unopened (!) review copy for Saturday Night magazine (Toronto).

Handwritten note by Saunders.


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