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The following titles are currently available in the Digital Library:

View Cellarius, ChristophSciagraphia philologiae sacrae, difficiliores quaestiones plerasque, & linguarum Orientalium usum genuinum delineans. Editio secunda, emendata, & usu Arabismi etymologico aucta. (1678)
View Physiophilus, John [pseud. Born, Ignaz von]Specimen of the natural history of the various orders of monks, after the manner of the Linnæan system. (1783) Facetiae
View Poggio Bracciolini, G. FrancescoUn Vieillard doit-il se marier? Dialogue de Pogge, Florentin. (1877) Liseux
View Hutten, Ulrich vonArminius, Dialogue par Ulrich de Hutten (1877) Liseux
View Bucke, Richard MauriceMan's Moral Nature. An Essay. (1879) Bucke
View Blondeau, NicolasDictionnaire érotique Latin-Français (1885) Liseux
View Rhoïdis, Emmanuel; Colette, Charles HastingsPope Joan. A historical study. (1886) Pope Joan
View Liseux, Isidore[letter] (1891) Liseux
View Rhoïdis, Emmanuel; Freese M.A., J.H.Pope Joan. An Historical Romance. (1900) Pope Joan
View Whitman, Walt; Sloane Kennedy, WilliamWalt Whitman's Diary in Canada (1904) Bucke
View Coyne, James H.[manuscript] Richard Maurice Bucke - A Sketch (1906) Bucke
View Burroughs, John[letter] to J.H. Coyne (1906) Bucke
View Rijnen, Pater A.De Brazza. Romantisch avontuur van een jong missionaris. (1947)


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